In the depth of winter

I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. (Camus)

Your friends and neighbors trust Taddiken for expert tree care service. Let's talk about your trees.

we heart trees

We all feel a special connection to the trees that grow on our land and in our communities. Conifers, Pines, oaks, maples and the many other kinds of trees all serve vital roles. They provide shade, enhance property value, highlight landscape features, and even pride of ownership. Without trees, our corner of the earth would be...flat.

Our certified arborists will provide extensive tree services on your property. Whether you're in need of tree trimming, tree pruning, or removal, we can help. Call Taddiken for a consultation today.


We are tree people.

Taddiken Tree Company experts know how to grow trees, prune trees, and protect trees from insects and disease. And when the time comes, our experienced team will remove a tree safely. From pine beetle management and tree spraying to stump removal and tree “trimming,” our business is the science, art, and safety of plant health care.

Taddiken Tree Company is based in Boulder, Colorado and serves residential and commercial tree owners in Superior, Erie, Denver, Golden, Niwot, Lyons, Longmont, Lakewood, and other local communities. Colorado Front Range tree care reviews and feedback confirm: we’ve earned an excellent reputation and the trust of thousands satisfied customers.

Plant Health Care

Our PHC program involves several pre-scheduled site visits per year to maintain and inspect your high-value woody plants.

Plant Health Care


We offer many accepted cultural pruning practices in our Tree Care program. Tree trimming can take many forms and serve many purposes. We prune trees and shrubs for either aesthetics, function or plant health.



We offer consultation services to help tree stewards and owners in a number of different ways. The most common requests are construction issues with high value trees followed by planning for sites and then of course the ever common "can you save my tree!"