Tree Care

Pruning is the art and science of removing living and dead parts of a plant. This particular “art” is the abstract synchronicity of man and trees harmonizing within the laws of nature. She can be a cruel judge making us “artists” ever her students and always alert to her allure, changing winds and nuance. At Taddiken, we practice this art every day. We love the opportunity to help redirect (or train) an overgrown and imbalanced tree toward a gorgeous, naturally strong and healthy specimen.

When our clients call on us to help them with their trees it could be for a number of reasons. We pull from a vast skill set. Perhaps a tree has been damaged by a storm or other menace; this requires a keen eye, a deep understanding — knowledge very specific to that tree species and the effect that the immediate environment has on the tree — which is no small task.

Often our clients simply want their trees to be cared for in a way that optimizes their health and prolongs their lifespan. We may recommend structural pruning on a young tree or a crown reduction prune on a tree with heavy limbs. Whatever a tree calls for, we will help you take an inventory of the good and the bad, identify the solutions and plot a path forward with a clear and actionable plan.

Sometimes we are called in to help after trees have been topped or pruned improperly. Once a limb has been removed it can’t be put back. Our certified arborists are highly aware of this fact and use an artful eye when performing our work. We place a strong emphasis on training and safety and we follow ANSI standards when performing our work.

We help to remedy improper pruning by ensuring that the tree can recover through plant health care practices. This may involve soil treatments or improving the growing conditions. It is typically followed by several cycles of restoration pruning to guide the tree back to its natural form.

Fruit tree pruning is another service where our tree expertise shines. Many types of fruit trees grow well in the Colorado environment and we often provide specialty fruit tree pruning services for our clients. This pruning helps ensure that the trees grow in the proper form and stay strong and healthy. We know when to prune fruit trees and how to prune them for desired fruit production.

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